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company news about Are you still worried about clogged sink pipes?

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Are you still worried about clogged sink pipes?
Latest company news about Are you still worried about clogged sink pipes?

What should I do if the kitchen sink is blocked? Due to the small drain pipe in the kitchen sink, it is easy to block the sink due to the accumulation of debris when washing vegetables and dishes. What should I do if I encounter this situation? Doctor Shifu Bangjia will teach you simple and effective tips!

Coup 1: Boil water into the sink method

Because the most common cause of water blockage is fat hanging on the pipe, the solution is to boil a pot of boiling water and pour it into the sink and add some cold water to make the water temperature around 60-70 degrees. It will be better if the water heater is connected to the kitchen. In summer, it takes 2-3 minutes to continue rinsing, and it takes longer in winter. It is more troublesome to flush after it is completely blocked. Do not open the water trap or dust cup easily, because the sealing gasket is damaged or the installation is not good, it will leak water.



Coup 2: The method of sucking and loosening debris with water plucks

When using the water pluck, make sure that the lower mouth of the water pluck is sealed with water. The water acts to seal the air. Cover the drain outlet with the water tweezer and press down hard to empty the air and water in the water tweezer. If you pull it up again, there will be negative pressure, which will bring things out or loosen the belt. At the same time, it cooperates with the water flow. Generally, if there are many debris, it needs to be pulled several times to get through.


Coup 3: steel wire through the U-shaped sink method

In general, most of the places where kitchen drain pipes are blocked are U-shaped bends. If it is a drain pipe with sewage screws, it is easy to handle and unscrew it directly. The doctor of Shifubang Home Furnishing recommends that it is best to put a sewage under it before treatment. pots to avoid staining the cabinets. After unscrewing, use steel wire to pass through both sides, which can usually be solved quickly.



Coup 4: Hand-cranked pipe dredge method

If the blockage is relatively strong, then we can dredge it with a hand-cranked pipe dredge. The method of use is to first turn the anti-rotation screw counterclockwise, then pull out the spring and put it into the sewer pipe until it reaches the obstacle, then pull out the spring about 10 cm, tighten the anti-rotation screw, install the handle, and apply When the pressure is fully in, loosen the stop screw, then pull out the 10 cm spring, and repeat the movement until it feels easy to turn the handle, indicating that the obstruction has been passed, and then slowly pull up, so that the problem can be solved. This can usually be done when the sink pipes or toilet pipes are blocked.



Coup 5: chemical cleaning agent method

If none of the above methods work, consider using a dedicated pipe cleaner for decontamination. However, due to the corrosive effect of the cleaning agent, in the process of use, the instructions for use of the product must be strictly followed. So when choosing a chemical cleaning agent, you need to read carefully whether the stain removal product is suitable for your home equipment, and follow the steps to use it. If none of the above methods have achieved results, it means that the kitchen sink is clogged more seriously. Shifubang's home doctor suggests that it is better to ask a professional to solve it.

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